DJ Def Chad


DJ Def Chad - Breathe Easy (Remixx)
DJ Def Chad - Up and Away
DJ Def Chad - The Black Holocaust
DJ Def Chad - The Remedy

Featured / Appears On

LOWdown - duckyouSUCKER!
LOWdown - painTRAIN
C-Doc - Make You Free b/w 7am
The Impossebulls - Back To It b/w 5 x 5
C-Doc - DocSonic
The Impossebulls - Everything is Different: Impossebulls Remixxed
Various Artists - netBloc Vol. 47: Grooves For The Sentient
The Impossebulls - Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different
The Impossebulls - The GetBack b/w And Then There Were Two
The Impossebulls - Slave Education XE
The Impossebulls - The More Things Stay The Same
HYMnEYE - LIVE... and Let Live
The Impossebulls - From The Bottom (Soundtrack Edit)
The Impossebulls - 1Nation (One Fam) B/W RSVP
The Impossebulls - Made by History (Decade One: 2000-2010)
The Impossebulls - AmeriKan Idle B/W Shadow of Thought
C-Doc - United We Fall
C-Doc - Broken Homes (Featuring DJ Def Chad)
C-Doc - Drumm Machine (RhythmBoxx) (Featuring DJ Def Chad)
C-Doc - Divided We Stand
C-Doc - Drumm Machine (Clean Machine) (Featuring DJ Def Chad)
C-Doc - Far Gone