Lyndon Scarfe - Music For A Lost Film (BSOG0033, 2014)

All in the matter of moments, a mysterious film suddenly appears in the world and then just as instantly it is lost… at that same moment, Lyndon Scarfe is abruptly awoken from slumber and he’s inexplicably compelled to write the soundtrack for the very same ephemeral film. He does just that and the result is inspired!

Well, of course, the previous paragraph is pure fiction, however, the music IS truly inspired. Think John Carpenter, Clint Mansell, Cliff Martinez or “The Warriors”. This is a soundtrack in desperate need of a film of equal caliber!

A very special thank you to Lyndon for allowing blocSonic to be part of such a special release!

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Lyndon Scarfe - Waving
Lyndon Scarfe - Drifting