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Have you been trying to find that perfect road trip album? Fear not, this may be the one! Imagine cruising through wide-open expanses, top down… this soul-seeping stuff blasting. When I say soul-seeping, I mean it. With repeated listens, this stuff will seep into you and become such a part of you, that you’ll not be able to pinpoint exactly when/where you end and it begins. This low-tempo indietronica is fueled with just the right amount of Americana to give it a special indescribable quality that seems a perfect fit for a road-trip album. There is much to be found within this music… deserts, canyons, mountains, forests, road-side attractions, road-side distractions and of course there’s endless tarmac. So when you’re heading back from SXSW, be sure to take this along for the ride. It just may be the difference between a Griswold and a Hunter S. Thompson type of trip.

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