Random gem   BADLUCK - '92 from Renaissance 2011
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fortyFive Friday: Today we introduce you to Marco Mestichella!

Today we’re very happy to present to you the music of Marco Mestichella! Originally from Italy and now based out of London, Marco brings you his ‘Ill-Pop’ sound along with co-producer, Bristolian arranger/composer Joe Rodwell. Ill-Pop can best be described Read more …

New release: Action Will Be Taken brings the hardcore!

Back in 1995, Orie Weeks, Alex Remlinger, Dez Burke & Shawn Franklin (who you may know from The Scallions) formed Action Will Be Taken in response to the subdivisions and cliques that were then forming in the hardcore punk scene. They exploded onto their local Read more …

New release: M.J S.K M.M J.D kicks off our new improvBloc series

Back in August, James Dangle contacted blocSonic via Twitter to check out something he, ScoopKid, Mighty Monde, as M.J S.K M.M J.D, had worked on. They had been inspired by the antics of James’ 2 year old son Miles J to record a complete 1-take driven Read more …

New release: The blocSonic debut of Moki McFly!

Today I’m thrilled to present to you the blocSonic debut of Philippines artist, Moki McFly! Moki brings his own brand of sound that floats in the realm of downtempo and trip-hop. His first release for us is his intriguing new EP Osirus III: Autochron Thitarodes.

Thanks Read more …

New release: The Impossebulls remixxed!

Closing out this incredible two month run of DOPE new hip-hop by The Impossebulls, we’ve got one more thing for you… the REMIXXES! C-Doc, with a little help from cheese, Dr. Mindflip, ekayi, Lyndon Scarfe & Tha Silent Partner, brings you the a complete remixx album of music from Read more …

New release: The Impossebulls instrumentals, Part Deux

Today we continue the boomin’ beat spectacular with the second EP of instrumentals from The Impossebulls’ latest album Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different! Yup, more of that good stuff for all you C-Doc fans to bump.

…and yo… Check out the fresh video Read more …

New release: The Impossebulls instrumentals, Part Un

Today we’ve got the first batch of instrumentals from The Impossebulls’ latest album Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different. That’s right Bulls fans, this month we’ve got much more for you… next week we’ve got another batch of instrumentals and in two weeks, a Read more …

New release: The Scallions are back with the re-release of their conceptual gem!

I first heard The Scallions back in the early 2000s when I was designing much of the cover art for SLAMjamz online mp3 releases. From the start, their brand of Avant-Garde Power Pop grabbed my attention and didn’t let go. For me, their Read more …

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Various Artists - netBloc Volume 4 (Soundtrack for the Coming Revolution)

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