Apr 21st, 8:47am

New release: Cheese N Pot-C drops their new album, "Blue Bins"!

It’s with great pleasure that I present to you the new Cheese N Pot-C album, Blue Bins! CNP return with nearly an hour’s worth of classic boom bap hip-hop. If you dug EXPLWORAZ, then get ready. If this is the first time you check out their brand of hip-hop laced with a touch of humor… enjoy and check out their other releases, too.

In addition to beats, rhymes & cuts provided by CNP, they’re also joined by the talented CM aka Creative, C-Doc, 34Pro, Long John, Marphex, Read more …

Apr 14th, 9:10am

New release: Tha Silent Partner's Platters series continues with Act 6!

In 2010, after having featured No Mas from Tha Silent Partner’s debut Platters Act on netBloc Vol. 11: The Raw and the Cooked, we released the then Complete Platters Sessions XE, having little inkling that the series would be going on strong long after.

Of course, the series has continued on with excellent additions. In 2012 with Act 4, in 2013 with Act 5 and now today with the release of Platters, Act 6: Plates From ’08! As the title suggests, this time Read more …

Apr 7th, 9:10am

New release: Cheese N Pot-C return with the new single "Old School My School"!

Are you a blocSonic hip-hop head? If so, it’s your lucky day! We’ve got the return of the funky Warner brothers aka Cheese N Pot-C with the first taste of what’s to come, later this month! Old School My School is the first single from their forthcoming new album called Blue Bins, which is set to drop on Tuesday, April 21st.

This single is a perfect example of why I love maxi-singles and why they’re an integral part of how we release albums at blocSonic. Read more …

Apr 3rd, 8:16am

New release: The XE release of Andrew Cosentino's "Country Western Star" marks his blocSonic debut!

New York based multi-instrumentalist Andrew Cosentino first got in touch with blocSonic back in February. However, it took me a couple weeks to finally give it a listen. When I did, his EP, Country Western Star (CWS), immediately struck a chord and I emailed him back to find out how he’d like to approach the release. Since he had previously released it, we decided to give it the XE treatment, adding a bonus track to the original EP Read more …

Mar 31st, 8:04am

New release: Daily Khaos delivery make their blocSonic debut!

I’m very happy to present to you Plastic Houses, the terrific new EP by Daily Khaos delivery. The Valencia, Spain based DKd delivers a unique sound that merges classic pop/rock sensibilities with a fresh modern electronic aesthetic. I suspect that after you hear this, you’ll also be eager to hear what’s next from these guys!

Thanks to DKd for your interest in blocSonic. I look forward to working with you in the future! Welcome to the blocSonic fam.

Of course, thanks Read more …