Dec 16th, 9:04am

New release: Action Will Be Taken brings the hardcore!

Back in 1995, Orie Weeks, Alex Remlinger, Dez Burke & Shawn Franklin (who you may know from The Scallions) formed Action Will Be Taken in response to the subdivisions and cliques that were then forming in the hardcore punk scene. They exploded onto their local scene, not caring about photos or press. They only wanted to write music, play shows and maybe release a 7 inch. Whenever they performed, they were always asked “where the fuck did you guys come from”?

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Dec 5th, 8:34am

New release: M.J S.K M.M J.D kicks off our new improvBloc series

Back in August, James Dangle contacted blocSonic via Twitter to check out something he, ScoopKid, Mighty Monde, as M.J S.K M.M J.D, had worked on. They had been inspired by the antics of James’ 2 year old son Miles J to record a complete 1-take driven improvisational/organic hip-hop session in less than 7 hours.

Listening to it, I quickly realized that something like this format would make for a very intriguing release series that could allow for artists to deliver Read more …

Nov 25th, 9:49am

New release: The blocSonic debut of Moki McFly!

Today I’m thrilled to present to you the blocSonic debut of Philippines artist, Moki McFly! Moki brings his own brand of sound that floats in the realm of downtempo and trip-hop. His first release for us is his intriguing new EP Osirus III: Autochron Thitarodes.

Thanks to Moki for coming to blocSonic to release the new music. It’s great to have you on board. Welcome to the blocSonic Fam!

Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver Read more …

Nov 18th, 9:31am

New release: The Impossebulls remixxed!

Closing out this incredible two month run of DOPE new hip-hop by The Impossebulls, we’ve got one more thing for you… the REMIXXES! C-Doc, with a little help from cheese, Dr. Mindflip, ekayi, Lyndon Scarfe & Tha Silent Partner, brings you the a complete remixx album of music from The Bulls new album Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different!

Xtra huge thanks to all participating remixers for making this remix album such a great release! Of course, thanks to the Bulls and all Read more …

Nov 11th, 8:18am

New release: The Impossebulls instrumentals, Part Deux

Today we continue the boomin’ beat spectacular with the second EP of instrumentals from The Impossebulls’ latest album Everything Has Changed; Nothing Is Different! Yup, more of that good stuff for all you C-Doc fans to bump.

…and yo… Check out the fresh video for “Erykah & Jean” while you’re here!

I know I sound like a broken record, but yo… THANK YOU to THE IMPOSSEBULLS. It’s seriously very dope to be able to release such incredible hip-hop on the regular.

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