Today, 8:44am

New release: Cassette Tape Bandits are the Spot Rockers!

Here’s the second single from Cassette Tape Bandits and it’s an action packed doozy at eleven tracks deep! Throw this on, along with the album and The 1 Upper and you’ll have yourself a dopadelic Tuesday!

An epic number of THANK YOUs to Pot-C, C-Doc & cheese for delivering this phenomenal mega maxBloc! Thanks again to Davy J and Little Nicky!

Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver the music you’ll love. Please spread Read more …

May 19th, 8:39am

New release: The Cassette Tape Bandits' Rapper Exchange Program!

Today it’s really fresh to be able to present to you, Rapper Exchange Program, the DOPE debut album by Pot-C (of Cheese N Pot-C) and C-Doc (of The Impossebulls) otherwise known as Cassette Tape Bandits. You know that goo time vibe you got while listening to the likes of Digital Underground, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince or Kid ’N Play? Well, quite simply, REP is a tight collection of 11 highly catchy tracks that put the fun back in hip-hop! It’s also a family Read more …

May 12th, 8:27am

New release: Pot-C and C-Doc are Cassette Tape Bandits!

Pot-C (of Cheese N Pot-C) and C-Doc (of The Impossebulls) both came to blocSonic from completely different paths, yet the similarity of names and a similar approach to hip-hop makes this a collaboration made in kismet. It was simply meant to be that they’d team up for a collabo such as they’ve done with Cassette Tape Bandits. CTB delivers that classic boom bap hip-hop with a hint of light-hearted humor and turntable wizardry by CNP’s other half… cheese. Fresh, fly and dope is Read more …

May 5th, 8:05am

New release: BreakBeat Chemists I!

BreakBeat Chemists is a dope new project started by director/producer extra-ordinaire David ‘C-Doc’ Snyder as an outlet for him to drop instrumental gems and to provide a future collaborative platform to work with other like-minded hiphoppadopadelic producers.

This premiere BBC selection is only five tracks, yet it packs quite a hell of a punch. Get ready for some serious head nodding, kid.

Huge props goes out to C-Doc for once again delivering a stellar selection of music!

Of course, thanks Read more …

Apr 28th, 8:25am

New release: Hey You Guys! Cheese N Pot-C drops their latest single

Today we’re closing out this month of FRESH hip-hop with the help of Cheese N Pot-C and their great new single, Hey You Guys. For those of us who were kids during the early to mid 70s… the phrase “Hey You Guys!” conjures up memories of tuning in to Electric Company, an incredibly popular kids show on PBS, at the time. If you count yourself among the Electric Company generation, this single’s title will surely bring you back, as does the chorus from the title Read more …