A-Grav Lab

A-Grav Lab (short for Antigravity Laboratory) was a hip-hop group formed in 1996 by Indiana natives Scott Matelic and Jay McElfresh. The group was part of a crew called Archipelago... Read more

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Spacewalkers EP


Exploding out of North Carolina, home of the tall pines, A.Moss makes his long-awaited return to delivering ferocious lyricism laced with his distinct southern drawl. For his return, the Gravel... Read more

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Gravel King
Carolina Raised

Action Will Be Taken

Action Will Be Taken formed in 1995 as a result of keen observation. It was an observation of a hardcore punk scene that was in a way, a contradiction. They... Read more

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Action Will Be Taken


aitänna77, the solo project of Spanish musician Mikel Martínez, released his debut “Health Needs” in 2007. Moving from folktronica to bedroom pop and then to cloud-rap, he decided to reconsider... Read more

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Memory Lane

Ant The Symbol

Some say he’s able to create complete albums at the snap of his fingers. Others say that if he were to let loose all his sonic algorhythms, you’d surely go... Read more

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I'm Gonna Need To Sleep On It
You Are Here: Midnight
You Are Here: Downtown
Wisdom Isn't Real
The True Black (Featuring The Honorable Sleaze)
Tempus Fugit
We Can Talk About That (Featuring Johnny Ciggs)
Go It Alone (3 of 3)
Act Natural (2 of 3)
I'm Not Them (1 of 3)

Armie And The Strutters

An energetic side project of three of the members of PIMPSTRUT LOCAL #13, ARMIE AND THE STRUTTERS decided to go punk and let it all hang out.  These songs are... Read more

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Fortress Of Suckitude EP


BADLUCK (also known as 13aDLucK), is an underground MC hailing from Bed-Stuy, NYC. As one half of the blocSonic artist Luck & Ripps he helped to bridge the golden-era hip-hop... Read more

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Eternity Project
Master Don
Johnny Cool
Love Cool
Case Closed
Renaissance 2011

Natasha Beller

Coming to us straight out of Russia, this lovely singer and photographer delivers her brand of sultry and jazzy trip-hop that’s sure to enthrall! Read more

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BIT is a modular, ever-changing digital artistic collaborative. We are built by over seventy musicians, producers, programmers, and visual artists in ten countries. The first time many of the collaborators... Read more

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lenna was a test image

Nic Bommarito

Nic Bommarito is a philosophy professor from Michigan but currently living in New York. He enjoys eating candy, wearing blue, learning Tibetan, and taking naps. Read more

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A Quiet Age
Elle va au Japon


Bralitz is a one-man-band who plays guitar, drums and percussion, piano, bass, harmonica, ukulele and sings songs he writes himself. He randomly chose the name Bralitz (a small town in... Read more

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Bralitz II

BreakBeat Chemists

BreakBeat Chemists is a dope new project started by director/producer extra-ordinaire David ‘C-Doc’ Snyder as an outlet for him to drop instrumental gems and to provide a future collaborative platform... Read more

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BreakBeat Chemists I

C da 76er

Early on in his musical journey, CM aka Creative began producing his own music out of necessity. Since then he’s gone on to produce a significant catalog of music. For... Read more

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Out of Necessity


David “C-Doc” Snyder is a producer, musician, emcee, and filmmaker. After years of making tapes of solo music for friends, he reached out to Chuck D of Public Enemy who... Read more

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SIX ONNA 7 (Episode 2)
Make You Free b/w 7am
Do Androids Die For Electric Sins?
Vintage b/w Freak Of Nature (Remixx)
TheEnsuranceTrap b/w Underground Press
SIX ONNA 7 (Part 1)
Me Nots (TSPRemix)
United We Fall
Followin' Me (Remixx)
Broken Homes (Featuring DJ Def Chad)

C-Doc & Tha Silent Partner

Some say that way back in the mists of time, two super-producers individually known as C-Doc & Tha Silent Partner first collaborated on what was known as a SIX ONNA... Read more

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Cassette Tape Bandits

Pot-C (of Cheese N Pot-C) and C-Doc (of The Impossebulls) both came to blocSonic from completely different paths, yet the similarity of names and a similar approach to hip-hop makes... Read more

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Gingerbread Men
The Shonen Sporks EP
Spot Rockers
Rapper Exchange Program
The 1 Upper


As one half of Cheese N Pot-C, Cheese is a triple threat… rhyme skills… production mastery… and turntable wizardry. On the solo tip… he speaks funny things with his hands.... Read more

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Barnaby Comes Alive!!!

Cheese N Pot-C

Cheese N Pot-C (originally DJ Murtle MC & How Now Lau), have been recording and performing since 1989. These brothers cut their teeth in the Vancouver suburb of Port Coquitlam... Read more

Latest Releases

Down To The Wire EP
We Wish Our Brother Joe Was Here
Take It Personal Pan Pizza Party (Featuring Donnie Ozone & Lil Nicky)
TA2MI Presents: Cheese N Pot-C N Pals
TA2MI Presents: Cheese N Pot-C
The Raps Well
Dallas 2 Tha Palace
Funky Motion
Hey You Guys
Blue Bins
Old School My School

CM & Tha Silent Partner

In 2013, Tha Silent Partner was working on his celebratory Platters, Act 5: The Silent Anniversary (10 Years Of Tha Silent Partner) and he called on blocSonic label mate CM... Read more

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bloc Sonics: Tha TSPmentals
bloc Sonics

CM aka Creative

Born in NYC, CM has been writing music since 16. He moved to Maryland in 1996 and has been recording music ever since. A talented writer and producer, CM has... Read more

Latest Releases

All In Due Time EP
Hip-Hop For Scholars XE
The Mixtape Sessions
Classic Material Vol. 4: DCOM Radio
Cast All Doubts
In The Meantime EP
I Got You
The Classic Material Completion Package XE
Classic Material Vol. 3: UI Radio

Andrew Cosentino

His name is Andrew, he’s 22, he’s from New York. Andrew’s Spent the past four years at college in Boston, which he loves dearly, and the past few months in... Read more

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Country Western Star XE


Having listened to Hip-Hop since as long as he can remember, Crimean producer Cutside began living HIP-HOP as a graffiti artist. In 2009 he moved on to making music and... Read more

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In Orbit EP
Empire EP
Point Of No Return


Once upon a time (2004) in a galaxy far, far away (Kyoto), Highsnow and Crazy-D under their crew name Pant Rhymez (Pant Rhymez formed in 2002), were billed at the... Read more

Latest Releases

Bloc Party 2 (Featuring CM aka Creative, C-Doc, The Honorable Sleaze, L-Mega & Pot-C)
Zenpin Hangaku
U Got It Bad
Doin' The Raps XE

Daily Khaos delivery

Daily Khaos delivery (aka DKd) are Jordi Bohigues and Javier Peiró, who started out several years ago in the Spanish scene of Valencia as a duet and established themselves as... Read more

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Electrical Love Machine
Cosmic Yell
Lose Your Ways
Plastic Houses

Deadly Combo

Deadly Combo consist of two brothers (RM aka Bigg-M and CM aka Creative), both born and raised in NYC, in an area commonly known to the locals as the Lower... Read more

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The Vault
The Unattainable RE:mixx Instrumentals
The Unattainable RE:mixxes
Up To You (3 Da Hard Way) (Featuring Cable)
Back To Break Bread

DJ Def Chad

DJ Def Chad was born and raised in Homewood, PA in the area known as the Hilltop. His brother Kenny introduced him to the turntables and he started DJ’ing in... Read more

Latest Releases

Breathe Easy (Remixx)
Up and Away
The Black Holocaust
The Remedy

DJ Harrison

Devonne Harris, otherwise known as DJ Harrison, is a talented multi-instrumentalist/composer hailing from Richmond, Virginia (RVA). His sound is a tasty mélange of Jazz, Blues, Soul, R&B & Hip-Hop. It’s... Read more

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'94 Flow

Donnie Ozone

Always encouraging the creativity in others, 2012 saw Donnie Ozone make his push into the music-scene & the internet.  By uploading original a-cappella vocal tracks under Creative Commons licenses, he... Read more

Latest Releases

Rock On (Featuring Brownske La Rock)
Rap Style (The Cheese N Pot-C Remixes)
Rap Style
End of the Show (Mister Name)
Mind On The Music (Featuring Pot-C & SKOL)
Something To See
Banana Run (SKOL Remix)
Roaches (Featuring Pot-C)
Get Paid (Mouth Beat Mix) (Featuring DJ Phazer)

Dr. Mindflip

Dr. Mindflip delivers a hefty dose of sinister, hallucinogenic pop — imagine Nick Cave being held hostage by Frank Zappa and the Pixies in deep space. Expect unsettlingly-intimate piano songs... Read more

Latest Releases

In a Garden of Fools
Every Waking Moment
Is Itching To Play
A Brand New You

Serhio Efremis & Elli Q

A collaboration of the musical talents of Serhio Efremis and the haunting vocal phrasings of Elli Q. Read more

Latest Releases

Vocalise 8

Electric Mirrors

Electric Mirrors is a collaborative music production duo from New York, NY & Asheville, NC. Working through email, the duo send each other recorded parts until songs are constructed. Eddie... Read more

Latest Releases

Ritual Meadows
UFO Stories
Neon Jesus Wins The World Cup

Eli & The Mannings

Eli & The Mannings (or EATM) is a freeform improvisational musical collective that is in no way affiliated, legally or otherwise, with its patron saint, the Honorable Elisha Nelson Manning.... Read more

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Magical Cookies


ETHX found everything in hip hop music. His philosophy on the culture has been stated like this: “Hip Hop is the modern version of everything we’ve been doing for hundreds... Read more

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Boom To Bloom

Nic Falcon

Nic Falcon (born in 1982) is an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Northern, Italy. Starting with his debut release with Aaahh Records in 2011, he has released over... Read more

Latest Releases

We Know Time
Playing Fair

Flex Vector

Flex Vector is the most recent musical vision of Mike McGovern, an electronic music producer from Portland, ME. With a wide range of influences, Flex Vector incorporates elements of Breakbeat,... Read more

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Formula, who hails from London, brings with him a big beat hip-hop sound that carries with it a dark electro edge. His premiere blocSonic album “The Overcast Project” features a... Read more

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The Overcast Project

Friends or Whatever

Friends or Whatever is Mark Herbkersman, a guitarist and producer from Richmond, Virginia. He writes vibrant, noisy pop songs that blend quickfire rock sensibilities with pulses of shimmering electronica. Like... Read more

Latest Releases

Stuck In My Soul
Friends or Whatever
The Burns We Earn


Garmisch is a band from Malmö, Sweden. They’ve been together for over ten years now and occasionally do live shows in the Malmö region. From the start they’ve been putting... Read more

Latest Releases

And Now We Stand Against The Wall
They Seem To Be Intelligent
The EPs XE
Facing the Sea


GLD8TRZ are a squad of hip-hop lyricists consisting of KIN and BADLUCK of KIN/LUCK along with Breez, BxYungGz & SelfSavior​. Individually, they’re masters of delivering lyrical heat over dope beats.... Read more

Latest Releases

Gladiator Muzik

Graphic Antics

The incredible Graphic Antics is the inevitable outcome of combining the lyrical dexterity of Graphic Melee and production wizardry of Ant The Symbol. Melee… a musician raised on funk, hip-hop,... Read more

Latest Releases

What Does It Mean?


Headsnack is a multimedia artist that creates songs & videos that mock humanity. Whether social media, consumerism, or your food supply… nobody is safe from the wrath of this hiphop... Read more

Latest Releases

Alternative Facts (The EP)

The Honorable Sleaze

The Honorable Sleaze is an American rapper from Richmond, VA. Sleaze is known locally as a skilled emcee/producer. Sleaze's music has an "everyman" quality, and he focuses his attention on... Read more

Latest Releases

Summer Fresh XE
Dance Track (Jack The Nouveau Swing Remix)
Broad Street Boogie
Broad Street Boogie B/W Love Me/Hate Me
Dance Track
This Funk
Too Much


HYMnEYE are Mported Flows and Grace One. Check out their LIVE EP "LIVE... and Let Live", right here at blocSonic! Read more

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LIVE... and Let Live

The Impossebulls

In 1998, Hip Hop visionary and Public Enemy leader Chuck D took to the fledgling world wide web to establish a fan super-site that featured a forum where PE fans... Read more

Latest Releases

Five By Five V: Lust
Five By Five IV: Gluttony
Five By Five III: Greed
Five By Five II: Sloth
Five By Five I: Wrath
The Devils You Know
Back To It b/w 5 x 5
Bad Cop
Everything is Different: Impossebulls Remixxed
Erykah & Jean b/w Verbal Origami

Jamod Allah

Already a prolific music producer and EMCEE in his own right, Jamod Allah began collaborating with fellow Public Enemy fan C-Doc sometime in 2004. Jamod made an appearance on The... Read more

Latest Releases

The Impossebulls Present Jamod Allah

Joey Ripps

my bio as written by the hand of an anonymous woman “my life is what i make it. happiness is in small things and wherever you choose to see it.... Read more

Latest Releases

Can't Stop Livin'
Son Of 1,000 Pardons
For The Minute

Jovian Year

Jovian Year is a new band that blends electronica, modern elements, raw instrumentation, and male/female vocals to create a unique experience for the listener. The band features the songwriting and... Read more

Latest Releases

Absurdius Rex

Just Plain Ant

Just Plain Ant was born in 1988 in Richmond, Va. Having always been a listener of many different genres of music, he found that it was his calling to be... Read more

Latest Releases

All Becomes Dust
The F***iteer
Nothing Begets Nothing EP
The Bridge (Featuring Sleaze)
These Times / Scream Out
Rumble, Young Man, Rumble
This Is Madness (Just Plain Black)
Songs About Something XE


KIN/LUCK is comprised of two MCs dedicated to bringing the fire back to hip-hop… Kin hailing from Burlington, Vermont and BADLUCK from Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NYC. Both delivering effortless wordplay, wit... Read more

Latest Releases

Every Cut Deep


Boston area musician Jeff Murray has been putting out Psychedelic Folk IDM for the past few years. Radiant Jaguar is his third release under the name Lofiuser, and his first... Read more

Latest Releases

Radiant Jaguar

Lorenzo's Music

The raspy-dirty-clean of vocalist Tom Ray, the crunchy, bluesy ring of Mark Whitcomb’s guitar, at times dark. A rhythm section of bassist Cliff Hammer and drummer Rob Gugel, the melodic... Read more

Latest Releases

Cool ships and heat exchangers


Long time comrades Tirade & C-Doc have been creating music and video works for many years. In 1994 they put a name to these curiosities and LOWdown was born. In... Read more

Latest Releases

PayDay Poets
watch your MOUTH
soBELOW (THE groundZERO SINGLES 2006-2016)

Luck & Ripps

Badluck coming straight outta NYC, Joey Ripps outta Richmond, VA and Catastrophe aka uhoh who's based out of Canton, Ohio combine their hip-hop powers to bring you the boom and... Read more

Latest Releases

The Catastrophic Connection

Luck & Doc

BADLUCK (also known as 13aDLucK), is a MC hailing from Bed-Stuy, NYC who manages to hold it down for classic boom bap and a more modern aesthetic. His distinctive lyrical... Read more

Latest Releases

Let’s Go Brooklyn (Maxi Single)
Live At The Wake
Take Time (Maxi Single)

Pete Lund

Pete Lund is a singer/songwriter from Buffalo, NY. He has been writing and performing music for over 20 years. Read more

Latest Releases

Barely Nearly EP
Subway Cameo
Gypsy Cab
Back From '91


The collaborative work “C” Is For Cookies, brought to you by the radical minds of James Dangle, ScoopKid and Mighty Monde, is inspired by the 2 year old antics of... Read more

Latest Releases

"C" Is For Cookies


M.V.A (formerly known as Virtu-oso a.k.a V-Man) is a London, England based music producer who explores sonic possibilities though instrumentals and soundscapes with a raw, sometimes eccentric, electronic and indie... Read more

Latest Releases

New Nostalgia: Game And Cartoon Music
A Tribute Ting


Mabafu's sound is best described as lofi latin dub influenced by hip hop and electronic elements. The two most important elements are trumpet and bass. And as the guys from... Read more

Latest Releases

Little Boy

Jeremy Macachor

I like to make music. It’s very fun. And I like to have fun. So that’s why I make music. I've been doing it for a while now. And it’s... Read more

Latest Releases

Tartu EP
Jeremy Macachor


I was born in northeast United States in 1973, in a time of rock gods on pedestals… everything larger than life… memories of melodies… sitting in my fathers truck… Paul... Read more

Latest Releases


Maxwell Powers

Maxwell Powers is a cyborg alter-ego of Oakland artist, technologist, and Roosevelt Radio front man Ben Ross.  Born in 2011 as a bedroom studio side project, Maxwell Powers channelled electropop... Read more

Latest Releases

Fridays, Volume 1

Marco Mestichella

Marco Mestichella is a 24 year old music artist originally from Italy and now based in London, UK, where he’s been producing music since 2009. Calling his music ‘ILLPOP’, he... Read more

Latest Releases

Mi Avvicino A Te
Fragments Of Light


Metre is a UK electronic dance music artist. Inspired by the music of free raves and festivals in the early 90's he began making electronic music with a Casio synth,... Read more

Latest Releases

Motif XE


You might better know him as Mike Gregoire, founder and creator of What you probably didn’t know about him is that he began making music around 1999, mashing up... Read more

Latest Releases

MK31 Sample Pack
Origination 1
Old Orchard Beach EP

Moki Mcfly

Moki Mcfly is a music producer from Manila, Philippines. He is known for his atmospheric instrumental production which incorporates sound elements from nature and extensive use of dug-up recordings and... Read more

Latest Releases

Addition Hills
Osirus III: Autochron Thitarodes

Mos Emvy

Mos Emvy is a rapper and producer based out of Cincinnati, OH. His style encompasses electronic music and hip-hop with harmonic raps. He has been creating music for six years... Read more

Latest Releases

Not The Same
Hands Held High
Next To Me

Chuck Mosley

After three decades working in music, Chuck Mosley (Faith No More, Bad Brains, Indoria, Primitive Race) decided to pursue a solo project with a raw, psychedelic, acoustic direction. Armed with... Read more

Latest Releases

Joe Haze Session #2

Mported Flows

When not rocking the mic as one part of The Impossebulls or as half of Twenty-One: Twenty-Four, Pennsylvania based EMCEE Mported Flows delivers his own blend of boom bap hip-hop.... Read more

Latest Releases

Sensitive Information XE
Master Plan
Three Pronged Fork

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is Hollis Smith, all time artist and musician. A mysterious person with many faces, guitars and quirky stories. A fiery brand of blues and deep southern... Read more

Latest Releases

Dark Country Road
Taxidermy: Brought Back To Life

Mr. Bitterness And The Guilty Pleasures

Mr. Bitterness and The Guilty Pleasures is the solo music project of Randal Helm, a musician living in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Randal describes himself musically as being the... Read more

Latest Releases

Songs From The Surveillance Age
The Good Fight XE


So who is MUTE, you ask? MUTE is a project by Tha Silent Partner and Unknown (aka Formula). A project begun back in 2007 when they released their incredible collection... Read more

Latest Releases

UNkilling Time
Pavement Politics, Vol. 2 (Sidestreets & Alleys)
Pavement Politics XE
10 A.M.


Nodus1 is the quasi-improvised music of guitar player Ruairi MacInnes. He previously played with the London band Momentum and has also played live with musicians in Edinburgh, London, Tokyo and... Read more

Latest Releases

SIX ONNA 7, Part 1: The Commuter
Sudden Archive

Pimpstrut Local #13

Born out of a love for funk and soul, THE PIMPSTRUT LOCAL #13 (a union for Pimps) came together to inflict it’s own particular brand of lunatic music on the... Read more

Latest Releases

Playon Playaz
Music For Film (Not Porn)
The Life And Death Of The Party


Who is Pot-C, and why should you spend valuable minutes of your life finding out?  Reason number one is that he is a genuine old-school hip-hop head, just like you... Read more

Latest Releases

SIX ONNA 7 (Part 1)
Homemade Raps
Baldest N Fattest XE

Razor Edge

A cool cat from Toronto Canada called Razor Edge has quite the lengthy portfolio when it comes to his musical achievements. The locals just call him Razor knowing that he... Read more

Latest Releases


Regenerated Headpiece

Regenerated Headpiece is a hip-hop hybrid musical outfit that first burst onto New York City’s live music scene in the late 1990s. Its core members are producer/MC Phon-X (a.k.a. Headsnack),... Read more

Latest Releases

Souvenirs, Novelties & Party Tricks XE

Renaldo & The Loaf

Two British guys, Brian Poole and David Janssen, who met in 1970 and self-taught themselves to play their instruments in their own very individual way. Always recording their own material... Read more

Latest Releases

Play Struvé & Sneff (40th Anniversary Edition)

The Scallions

The Scallions have been recording for over 19 years. The band is made up of two brothers, Mike and Shawn Franklin. They like to call their sound “Avant-Garde Power Pop”.... Read more

Latest Releases

Sounds of vinyl and the past XE
Wrecked by mGee
Agony Through Ceremony XE

Lyndon Scarfe

British musician Lyndon Scarfe has been involved in music production since the early 1980’s. Originally keyboards player in the post-punk band the Danse Society he has since made dance music... Read more

Latest Releases

Music For A Lost Film

Simple CUT

Simple CUT is a terrific group based out of Russia who deliver their own unique mix of synthpop that blends soft layered electronic sounds and guitars that’s both fresh and... Read more

Latest Releases


Stewart & Scarfe

Over the past few years, one part of Barnsley, UK band The Black Lamps, Liam Stewart has been releasing solo material via blocSonic. Following the release of his second solo... Read more

Latest Releases

I Was Awake
Outer Circular

Liam Stewart

Born, Glasgow. Lives, Yorkshire. Former guitarist with 80’s post punk outfit Creatures of Habit who after some legal haggling over the name morphed into The Silent Scream releasing one single... Read more

Latest Releases

Moody New Star
Losing The Tortoise Race
Sixteen Words
Bird Of Prey


Sumgii is a London based producer who has worked with many amazing artists including the likes of Foreign Beggars, Medison, Dubbledge and blocSonic’s own Formula aka UNknown. Sumgii is also... Read more

Latest Releases

Daddy McFree EP


Tab was first introduced to music through a drumset. He learned at age five by following his teacher improv on the piano. These lessons would spark the approach he took... Read more

Latest Releases

American Dream (Featuring TD)
Animal (Featuring Kay M)

Tha Silent Partner

Originally from Luton, UK - now living in Massachusetts, USA - Tha Silent Partner’s discography is a true testament of his experimentation. TSP’s releases range from house to ambient sound... Read more

Latest Releases

Music To Hail Blue Whales To (Music Inspired By The Animated Series, Gulf City)
Covfefe's Groove
Platters, Act 8: A Beat Plate For Pete Rock
(muted) Sessions
SIX ONNA 7 (Part 6)
The String Cheese Beat Plate
Touchin' Gummy Bears Inappropriately
Tha Silent Partner Presents A Platters Intermission: BLUNTEDSESH
SIX ONNA 7 (Part 5)
Platters, Act 7: Tha Anniversary Plate

Threepeeoh & C-Doc

Atlanta based Threepeeoh and Ohio based C-Doc, who have both produced music for Public Enemy, combine forces to deliver dope beats to blocSonic.  Read more

Latest Releases


Timezone LaFontaine

Timezone LaFontaine utilizes cheap equipment pushed to the brink of destruction to evoke longdrives on moonlit interstates, healing rains and radiant sunlight, and the radical potential forinner growth. The purpose... Read more

Latest Releases

East Meets Sunsheets
The Road Goes On Forever / Heavier Than Ever
Soul Night
Graveyard Shift / Papa Made Out Like a Bandit

Twenty-One: Twenty-Four

What do The Impossebulls do when they're not making music together? They make music together. Twenty-One: Twenty-Four is a project formed by the pairing of Bulls members Mported Flows and... Read more

Latest Releases

Spanglish XE

Viktor Van River

Beatmaker, producer and trip-hop artist hailing from Kazakhstan. For 15 years, he’s been actively engaged in creating music and has had some of it spun on local radio. His debut... Read more

Latest Releases

Fake Detective
Triumph Of Unconscious


Vpopolam was founded during the Summer of 2011 in Bryansk, Russia by Mihail Leonov, Oleg Koptev and Sergey “Myasnik” Protchenko. From the very start we planned on playing simple, straight... Read more

Latest Releases

Bez alboma
Gryaznyj albom


VYVCH is Vyacheslav Sizov, a music composer, producer and photographer who calls the small Russian town Bezhetsk home. At the age of 20, with a little help from his parents,... Read more

Latest Releases

Royal Treatment
She's Not Home


Hailing from North Carolina, the home of the tall pines, Wals arrives at blocSonic delivering his debut EP "SHEESH" featuring his unique blend of beats, rhyme and melody. Destined to... Read more

Latest Releases


Walt Thisney

Walt Thisney is an anonymous artistic collective. Walt Thisney is reclaiming your guts and revolt in the name of imagination. Walt Thisney is a strategy to elude the banality of... Read more

Latest Releases

Commodify Your Dissent


The near future. A dark age has dawned upon mankind. Human cultural life has been taken over by soul- and faceless machines without anybody noticing. If anything from this period... Read more

Latest Releases

Bitter Lemon EP