Net Audio Releases (Weeks of September 10th and 17th, 2007) and WMRecordings news

Hi everyone... I just received an email from WMRecordings' Marco Kalnenek and I thought I'd pass the info on to you. Call for submissions! "With the release of Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka - Porn Music For The Masses Vol. 1 (over 138,000 downloads to date!) on in 2004, people… Read more

WARNING: Listen to Highly Addictive "netBloc Vol. 8: I Copyleft!" at Your Own Risk

As some of you may or may not know, I run a freelance graphic design business at When I'm not working full-time at my "day job" or finding the best new net audio for you, I'm designing albums for Public Enemy and Chuck D's Slamjamz music label. This past… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of September 3rd, 2007)

Here's this week's new net audio releases... check them out while I wrap up last minute details for netBloc vol. 8... which will be released very shortly. Cagey House - Model City (Nishi) (nsh117) Phase Shifts - House Specials (Amduscias Records) (AMR049) Braille - Sustain (Resting Bell) (rb003) Yakkami -… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of August 27th, 2007)

Coming in the next few days is netBloc Vol. 8... in the meantime and in between time, please do some digging through the latest net releases. Tricky-M - KSC-Karlsruha Standard Contrakannacken EP (Hip-Hop Farwest) Vesicatoria - Self-Destructing Mechanism (H-A-Z-E) Aeki Nord - Utilisation EP (Eastern Recordings) (EarMin17) Weimar - Ambiences… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of August 20th, 2007)

Here's this week's listing...get digging... and I promise you'll have netBloc Vol. 8 before you know it. It's in the works and I hope to release next week. Dague de Miséricorde - Instable (luvsound) (LUV015) Gonzalo L. - After (sonica) (SONICA022) Le Cantin - Vapor Referral (1bit wonder) (1bit 024)… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of August 6th, 2007)

When you're not enjoying netBloc Vol. 7, check out the latest net audio released this week. c4 - Demoscene Addiction (Kellerloch) (kl011) T.D Black Sun - Territory of Absence Tek - Modular Family (Pentagonik) (pntg017) d'incise - drones en berne sur l'espoir (Audioactivity) (AA18) Doctor Damon - Seckt (Haze) (#006)… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of July 30th, 2007)

First off, I just want to let you all know that, believe it or not, I'm still working on acquiring the last .wav file for the special Black Sweater, White Cat partnered netBloc Vol. 7 release. I was hoping to release by yesterday, but it's looking more like a release… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of July 23rd, 2007)

Here's this week's overview of the latest net audio releases. Dig yourself a few new additions to your collection! Pseudophone - Reach (Negative Sound Institute) Various Artists - FOEM/Electronic Youth Vol. 15 (4 CD Set) (FOEM/) HushBlush - Ceci N'est Pas Beaux Art (Legoego) (LEGO203) Noisegekanker A Gogo - I… Read more

Net Audio Releases (Week of July 16th, 2007)

Hi all! I'd like to introduce to you this, the first of what will be a weekly news feature here at blocSonic. An overview of net audio releases that were released over the previous week. Perhaps another reason to keep checking with us, or subscribing to our RSS feed. Keep… Read more

Introducing netBloc Vol 6: Maniacally toying with your listening habits

Finally! A couple weeks behind schedule but netBloc Volume 6 is now available! This great collection features rock, pop, trip-hop and electronica from all over world — Basque, Canada, Italy, France, United Kingdom and the United States. Go ahead... check it out! Let me know what you think. Peace Mike… Read more