Joey Ripps - For The Minute (BSMX0013, 2011)

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Joey Ripps is part of the multi-talented Just Plain Sounds crew. Depending on how much you follow blocSonic, there’s a chance that you’re familiar with JPS. If you aren’t, let me tell you that they’re quite simply the most prolific and talented hip-hop squad in the US. JPS and blocSonic go way back to 2008 when we first featured the work of Just Plain Ant. Yup… I thought you might recognize that name. Ripps is also no stranger to blocSonic. Back in 2009 we released his and 13adluck’s (aka Luck & Ripps) release “The Catastrophic Connection”, a terrific collection of joints that bridges hip-hop classic and current. Well Ripps is back and preparing another memorable album for blocSonic listeners to enjoy, “Son of 1000 Pardons” which is due to drop on February 1st. What you have here is the first single from the album. It features two tasty cuts… “For The Minute” featuring Bliss-one, also based out of Richmond and production by Ohbliv and Just Plain Ant; “With Me” featuring production by Rowan aka Mark Herbkersman, the man behind blocSonic’s own Friends or Whatever.

Thanks once again for downloading and making blocSonic part of your regular online travels! Stick with us, we’ve got much in the works! 2011 is going to be another incredible one for blocSonic listeners! Please enjoy and spread the word… remember to share it… blog it… podcast it… oh and if you’re in radio… support Creative Commons artistry… broadcast it!

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