Various Artists - netBloc Volume 7 (10 From 200 plus one) (BSCOMP0007, 2007)

Seven months into this project and I’m still loving it tremendously. This month was even more of a joy to compile than usual. The goal with this one was to present 10 gems from the first 200 ‘One-A-Day’ (OAD) posts at Black Sweater, White Cat (BSWC). A refinement of a terrific idea that Biotic suggested a couple months back. I decided on the 200 mark as a perfect time to reflect on the great music that BSWC has featured since it began it’s OAD series. I began by downloading all 200 posts and then whittling down the list until my favorite 20 were remaining. Knowing that not all artists/labels approached would be communicative and/or willing to participate I planned on some of those 20 being backups. It was a good thing I did. This compilation was more of a challenge to put together than any previous. At the end of the process, I had 11 tracks that I could use instead of the usual 10. What a great group of songs! Those guys at BSWC have terrific taste and due to that fact it was a tough to whittle down the 200 to only 10.

This release with BSWC has gotten me thinking about other partnerships like it. In the future I may present you with similar collections. I have a couple ideas that I may follow through with in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled.

For now, enjoy netBloc Vol. 7. Also keep checking Black Sweater, White Cat for their excellent daily posts of net audio gems. You might also want to check out Biotic’s weekly radio broadcast on Saturday nights at 9pm Eastern Standard Time. You can catch a live stream of it here.

Thanks again to Biotic and Subsystem7 of Black Sweater, White Cat for the idea and for the use of their original posts in the liner notes.

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