Cheese N Pot-C - Old School My School (BSMX0110, 2015)

Are you a blocSonic hip-hop head? If so, it’s your lucky day! We’ve got the return of the funky Warner brothers aka Cheese N Pot-C with the first taste of what’s to come, later this month! Old School My School is the first single from their forthcoming new album called Blue Bins, which is set to drop on Tuesday, April 21st.

This single is a perfect example of why I love maxi-singles and why they’re an integral part of how we release albums at blocSonic. Back in the 80s I used to look forward to getting a hold of the maxi-single version of whatever dope new single was out because I knew that there would be single only gems that expanded on the original’s sound or re-invented the track altogether!

For this single, with the help from a few friends, CNP have delivered nearly an hour’s worth of head-noddingly good hip-hop! The original album version finds itself sharing the spotlight with remixes by cheese, C-Doc and Dr.funzukelshtine. CNP also share vocal duties with 34Pro, CM aka Creative, The Impossebulls and Kat Wahamaa.

Thanks to infinitude goes out to Cheese N Pot-C and all the mega-collaborators, for such a dope new single!

Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver the music you’ll love. Please spread the word about blocSonic, if you enjoy what we do. Remember… everything we release is cool to share! Always keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it! If you’re in radio… support independent music and broadcast it!.

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